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The Perimenopause Blueprint

The essential online course to help you navigate your perimenopause journey

We designed the Perimenopause Blueprint course to help you navigate the maze of information out there and to educate and equip you with tools to manage your symptoms, so you can feel great again.
Over the course you will learn what is happening to your body, identify your perimenopause symptoms and understand how to start taking control.  We will look at nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise and supplements.  You will discover effective strategies and handy tips to manage your symptoms and improve your health

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Perimenopause Blueprint: About

Did you know that 80% of women will experience perimenopause or menopause symtoms

Perimenopause is when your body starts making the transition to menopause.   The symptoms of perimenopause, the age it starts and how long it lasts will vary between women.   You might start noticing changes to your body, energy levels, memory and mood. It usually starts in your mid-40s, but it can start earlier.  This can be 5-10 years before the menopause (when your periods finally end) and can easily be missed causing many women to suffer unnecessarily. 

Women often don't realise that they are perimenopausal, symptoms may be subtle or come on gradually or they simply don't link their symptoms to the  hormone fluctuations of the menopausal transition. 

Perimenopause Blueprint: About
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About the Course

A 360 approach

Split into 4 modules, the perimenopause blueprint course is your handy guide to what to expect in perimenopause, how and where to get help and effective diet and lifestyle strategies to manage your symptoms and improve your health.

  • Module 1 - Understanding your hormones in perimenopause

  • Module 2 - Eating well for perimenopause.  

  • Module 3 - Eating patterns and food choices for peri symptoms

  • Module 4 - lifestyle hacks in sleep, stress, exercise, relaxation to help you deal with perimenopause and feel good 

Perimenopause Blueprint: About

Who is this course for?

  • You are in your 40s and not sure if you are perimenopausal

  • You are experiencing symptoms of perimenopause 

  • You are struggling to keep up with mood changes, brain fog or changes to your body shape.

  • Wanting to get your mind and body in the best place possible during the perimenopause.

Perimenopause Blueprint: About

What to expect

  • An online self-paced course split into 4 modules

  • Handy bite sized prerecorded video chunks so you can listen and watch in your own time. 

  • An understanding of what is happening to your body & hormones during perimenopause & menopause.

  • Finding out what are the common menopause symptoms, when to get help and what you can do to help yourself.

  • Discover how diet and lifestyle can help to manage your symptoms.  

  • Handy hints and practical diet and lifestyle strategies to combat symptoms and improve your health

  • Tools to create your personalised perimenopause plan

  • Bonus handouts and delicious recipes

Perimenopause Blueprint: About
Perimenopause Blueprint: Text
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